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Released: 9/5/1999
Artist: Takako Yamaguchi
Exhibition: New Painting

Takako Yamaguchi

New Paintings

9 September through 23 October 1999

Reception for the Artist, Thursday 9 September, 7PM – 9PM

Jan Baum Gallery is proud to present the remarkable new paintings of Takako Yamaguchi.

Seemingly familiar but ultimately strange and alluring, Takako Yamaguchi’s new paintings in oil and metal leaf on paper feature as a common theme, images of water in its various manifestations – clouds, rain, stream, current and ocean.

Liquid (like paint itself) water flows around and through the space of these paintings, changing form and constantly shifting between figure and ground, surface and depth. The only hint of land in this watery world comes from the softly rounded mountains that push up in an effort to break through to the surface.

Related to the monumental seascapes of 19th Century European Romanticism with their disquieting intimations of a limitless horizon and fathomless depth, Yamaguchi’s paintings are at least equally influenced by the fabric design of kimonos from her native Japan where boldly abstract patterns and delicate representations of nature are playfully juxtaposed. In Yamaguchi’s new paintings, this intersection of sensibilities, East and West, decorative and sublime, make for an unexpected and powerful mix.

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Tuesday through Saturday, 10 AM to 5:30 PM