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Released: 1/13/2001
Artist: Siobhan McClure
Exhibition: "The Gage Girls" -- Narrative Paintings

Siobhan McClure

“The Gage Girls”

Narrative Paintings

12 January through 23 February 2001

Reception for the Artist: Friday 12, January 7 – 9PM

In her first exhibition at Jan Baum Gallery – Siobhan McClure presents a series of narrative paintings “The Gage Girls”. Through a combination of public and private symbols we experience the struggles of the Gage Girls and their rival Tibby.

Using traditional oil glazing techniques and one point perspective, McClure presents a richly decorated world set in a Georgian manor house and its surrounding walled formal gardens. This architectural symbol of imperial power, control and colonization is the perfect foil for the main activities of the girls which center around freeing or caging the multitude of wild and domestic birds that are trapped within the house. Rich in allegorical references, these small jewel like paintings with their tiny yet determined occupants ask one to look closely. If one does, one will be rewarded with an abundance of interlocking details that speak quietly of man’s conflicting desire to contain or release “Ideas”

Gallery Hours:
Tuesday through Saturday, 10 AM to 5:30 PM