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Released: 3/2/2001
Artist: William Smith
Exhibition: "In the Gloaming"
***For Immediate Release***

William Smith

“In the Gloaming”

3 March through 27 April 2001

Reception for the Artist: Saturday 3, March 3 – 5PM

Jan Baum Gallery is pleased to present the 2nd solo exhibition for the young Philadelphia painter, William Smith.

Having attracted a strong audience with his first exhibition of landscape paintings, he continues in the same mode – only deeper and richer.

The vocabulary, common to some landscape paintings, is brooding and nostalgic – intimate with waves of melancholy. Some works seem surreal in their dream like quality – more poetry than prose.

The artist writes: “All of my work develops a series of tensions based on the pairing of opposites, expressing a duality of purpose and intention. Reflected within the works are the tensions between the representational and the abstract, between the ordered and the accidental mark, between the absence of a human presence in the image and the sense of implicit human touch in the painted surfaces. The paintings speak of the tensions found in the natural landscape, the genre of landscape painting and the act of painting itself.

The title of this current exhibition is “In the Gloaming”; twilight, the gradual decline of day into night. The change in perception that ensues is evocative of subtle shifts of thought and feeling that over time often lead to dramatic changes in the heart and psyche. These paintings are meant to function as a catalyst for looking inward.”

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