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Released: 3/2/2001
Artist: Annette Bird
Exhibition: New Work
***For Immediate Release***

Annette Bird

New Work

3 March through 27 April 2001

Reception for the Artist: Saturday 3, March 3 – 5PM

Afternoon walk-through with the Artist: Saturday 17, March 2 – 4PM

Jan Baum Gallery proudly presents a new solo exhibition of the cast bronze and wood narrative sculpture of Annette Bird.

Her work has always been concerned with the human drama of everyday life. Some themes come from myths and rituals, somewhat religious and/or magical.

In the current exhibition, Annette Bird deals with themes of identity in two new series: “Family Ties,” addressing relationships within the family and “Las Meninas,” what it means to grow up female in our culture.

The artist writes: “For many years my work has been figurative and somewhat narrative, although that description is not entirely correct since the imagery has often permitted multiple interpretations. My sculpture has frequently been concerned with the human drama of everyday life, but there is always a psychological element and frequently a socio-political commentary as well. I have always tried to challenge the viewer to penetrate the different layers of meaning, both conscious and unconscious, that these works present.”

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Tuesday through Saturday, 10 AM to 5:30 PM