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Released: 11/2/2001
Artist: Bob Crewe
Exhibition: Trinary Configurations
•For Immediate Release•


Trinary Configurations

2 November through 22 December 2001

Artist reception: 2 November 7-9PM

Jan Baum Gallery proudly presents the fourth solo exhibition of works by abstract artist Bob Crewe. Judging by the success and inventiveness of past exhibitions, we are prepared for an exciting, provocative and stimulating show. In his other life as a well-known songwriter/ composer/ producer, his success is well known for countless hits including “ Lady Marmalade” at the top of the charts again after 25 years & “Can’t Take My Eyes Off You” one of the five most frequently played songs of the century. In the words of Rolling Stone magazine, “Bob Crewe is a pioneering architect of pop music”. Yet, Bob says, “Even at the height of the music frenzy, my passion for painting never waned”. While not entirely removed from the music world, Crewe determined to return to his first love-painting, some thirteen years ago. His beginnings in New York under the aegis of his friend Andy Warhol, found early approval at the Bodley Gallery where Andy had his first exhibitions. Moving to Los Angeles in the late 80’s, he has since focused more strictly on his art. No surprise that rhythm and harmony are palpable qualities in his paintings. Bob says, “My work is instinctive, often times driven by chance with found objects”. General viewers and collectors alike are intrigued with the enigma of how the paintings are made, while delving through the aesthetics to find the nurturing, elevating core. The new work again is a challenge for all- paintings configured of triangles- abstractions that move off the wall and come into our space-some figurative works and even a mysterious, surrealist, Duchamp-like box. Ever inventive, disciplined, daring, disarming- Crewe’s work inspires as it challenges. How fortunate that he has two such marvelous hats.

Gallery Hours:
Tuesday through Saturday, 10 AM to 5:30 PM