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Released: 1/11/2002
Artist: African Art
Exhibition: Figure Sculpture from Africa
•For Immediate Release•

David & Goliath

Figure Sculpture from Africa

12 January through 22 February 2002

Reception: 12 January 3-5 PM

African art is full of passion, power, magic, beauty, daring, drama. It is earth-shaking and sublime – it brings forth the fruit of the earth and the progeny of its leaders. It is forthright and incorruptible. Like the ancient icons David & Goliath, the art empowers the leaders to do battle, and make peace; to protect the land, the tribe, and the family; the be fecund, to be victorious and righteous. Small works and large stand in close proximity – ready for the challenge. The power is spread everywhere.

Gallery Hours:
Tuesday through Saturday, 10 AM to 5:30 PM