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Released: 5/4/2002
Artist: Tino Rodriguez
Exhibition: La Voz Impossible
•For Immediate Release•

Tino Rodriguez

La Voz Impossible

4 May through 28 June 2002

Artist reception: 4 May 3-5 PM

Jan Baum Gallery is pleased to present the exquisite miniature paintings by Tino (Martin) Rodriguez. Art viewers will remember his jewel-like paintings where nature and figures are transformed into an incredible surreal world. The new work retains the surrealist scapes but adds contemporary ambiguity and a more specific agenda. Tino says: “My work is a search for my identity. Growing up gay and Mexican-American, I always felt I was invisible in this society. There were no role models that I could identify with, because the media always portrayed minorities in a negative way. I decided that my task would be to see myself through my own eyes and bounce back those images to challenge the stereotypes and to reaffirm my existence. Thus I began to paint, inspired by miniature retablo painting, an old tradition in Mexico, to which I was exposed since I was a child. Retablo paintings were done for religious purposes and depicted stories about hope, redemption, devotion and thanksgiving in a straightforward child-like manner in bright jewel-like colors that inspire the viewer, with both horror and awe. Like retablo paintings, I like to depict stories and use bright jewel-like colors; but my stories are personal and charged with contemporary issues that challenge typical gender ideologies; stories that express my cultural heritage, my spiritual yearnings, my fantasies, my frustrations, my desire to transcend the negativity of stereotypes and to show a true picture of myself and the worlds that live within me.; a picture that is filled with both, horror and awe.”

Gallery Hours:
Tuesday through Saturday, 10 AM to 5:30 PM