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Released: 9/13/2002
Artist: Kathryn Jacobi
Exhibition: New Paintings: Figures & Still Life
•For Immediate Release•

Kathryn Jacobi

New Paintings: Figures & Still Life

13 September through 26 October 2002

Artist reception: 13 September 7-9 PM

It is with great anticipation that we look to the exhibition of new paintings by Kathryn Jacobi. Figures, still-life, memories to 9-11, are presented in the masterful form that we have come to expect in her works. Ever more seasoned, refined and yes, profound, Jacobi’s work has risen in the ranks of important contemporary art. The artist tells us: I believe that among the primary functions of artists are to observe and to interpret the world around us with as much truthfulness as we are capable of. The work in this exhibition, whether still life, figure, or completely imagined, is the documentation of what I believe to be my most careful scrutiny, both of my external and internal worlds. These paintings, representing the first 20 months of the new Millenium, mark not a break with earlier work but a continuation, and a progression in terms of skills gained and insights sharpened. The still lifes and portrait studies are rendered traditionally, painting from the subject itself. The discipline of being faithful to the specific, tangible subject, without adornment or idealization, stripped of context, allows the painter and the viewer to see what is in front of him, to be drawn into a contemplative state, and to begin to search more carefully. The small group of paintings called 9-11: the end of the beginning is my emotional response to the terrible September 11 of last year, a meditation on the randomness of our fate, the stripping away of our innocence, and our loss, perhaps forever, of our sense of safety

Gallery Hours:
Tuesday through Saturday, 10 AM to 5:30 PM