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Released: 1/10/2003
Artist: Alison Saar
Exhibition: Bittersweet
•For Immediate Release•

Alison Saar


10 January through 28 February 2003

Artist reception: Friday 10 January, 7-10PM

When Alison Saar sweeps onto center stage, she does so with her usual gusto, panache, brio, and magnetism, as we have come to expect. However, when we consider a new exhibition, what can we expect? Certainly none of the previous forms of busts, shoe soles, figures and heads hanging from the ceiling – not to mention colossal bronzes. No, today we have different forms for a new theme. This time it is vulnerability and fragility – and it is carried by the little ones – the children. One child is on the verge – waiting to emerge – to bloom. Another, burdened but strong – invincible? So young – so mature yet fragile yet empowered. Always there is one that is isolated without communication with the real world or the spirit world. A few works will be a collaboration with the well-recognized poet Harryette Mullen, professor at UCLA. These young, vulnerable children continue to challenge historical and racial stereotypes and the body politics in Alison Saar’s lexicon. As in all of Alison’s work we have come to love, to admire, there is passion and restraint, humanity and dignity. The world of Alison Saar’s figures is truly “Bittersweet”.

Gallery Hours:
Tuesday through Saturday, 10 AM to 5:30 PM