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Released: 3/15/2003
Artist: Siobhan McClure
Exhibition: Beauties
•For Immediate Release•

Siobhan McClure


15 March through 26 April 2003

Artist reception: Saturday 15 March 3-5 pm

Siobhan McClure is an artist well known and admired for beautiful, surrealistic paintings based on her own created and personal mythologies. French architectural landscapes and chateaux, inhabited by enigmatic personas are part of her mise en scene. However, in this new series “Beauties” outer appearance and inner beauty are the values explored. “Beauties may be skin deep but it is the surface we are trained to see, evaluate, admire or ignore. Right or wrong, surface often indicates whether or not we explore a person further. My Beauties were created in response to the limited definition of physical beauty in our culture, to the gap between outer and inner beauty, and to the delights and drawbacks of perception. All of the beauties in my series are women artists I know, for women more than men are evaluated on physical appearance and artists are creators of beauty. The paintings are small (9x7”) but densely packed; however, the physical information about the beauties is limited to their head and shoulders which are depicted in the lower half of the picture plane. Most of the beauties eyes are closed or their gazes are averted, denying access to their interiors, which are instead alluded to in the background patterns. These patterns are then disrupted by windows or openings placed above their heads, which reveal a world outside that in turn contributes to their inner lives. Thus, the viewer must cross reference, combine, and interpret all three sources to reach an imperfect understanding and appreciation of internal and external beauty.”

Gallery Hours:
Tuesday through Saturday, 10 AM to 5:30 PM