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Released: 3/15/2003
Artist: Bella Feldman
Exhibition: War Toys: Redux
•For Immediate Release•

Bella Feldman

"War Toys: Redux"

15 March through 26 April 2003

Artist reception: Saturday 15 March 3-5 pm

In 1992, Jan Baum Gallery hosted a remarkable, unique and unheralded exhibition by Bella Feldman called “War Toys”. It was in response to the first Gulf War that her ideas and feelings coalesced to produce that work. Currently she said: “This is another war we are preparing for and another Bush.” Since, this one focuses on Terror (bio terror and other Twenty First Century horrors), I decided to create an installation with those same ideas. These are small, mobile works of glass and metal. They are delicate, even exquisite and the materials are at odds with their aggressive forms. They radiate a sense of absurd evil while being attractive, seductive objects. I believe weapons have a seductive appeal to our flawed species. I hope these constructions can help us face our absurd behavior and create some perspective. These works are being shown for the first time (as was the earlier version) at Jan Baum Gallery and will travel on to The Museum of Folk Art and crafts in San Francisco from May through August 2003.

Gallery Hours:
Tuesday through Saturday, 10 AM to 5:30 PM