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Released: 9/12/2003
Artist: Stephanie Ramer
Exhibition: Paintings: Portraits & Pools
•For Immediate Release•

Stephanie Ramer

Paintings: "Portraits & Pools"

12 September through 31 October 2003

Artist reception 12 September 7-9PM

Jan Baum Gallery is pleased to present a solo exhibition of the paintings of Stephanie Ramer. Stephanie, a native of Southern California, has never restricted herself to her own neighborhood. Her love of painting and of people becomes self evident as one peruses her exhibition; also her versatility in depicting the quotidian stage. The iconic Southern California pool has become of interest, as you will see. Stephanie says: “The process of painting these portraits (each person sat for me, one time only, for approximately 4-6 hours) forced me to connect with a wide range of fellow human beings – some family and friends, some strangers, many people from other countries, foreign backgrounds, some brilliant, some dim, some wise, some crazy. I tried to discover and to manifest in paint some aspect or quality or feeling of each person with whom I engaged in order that I might (re)present each sitter as both an individual human being and also as a unique and important part of the overall human fabric. More recently I have begun to paint swimming pools, a subject matter which interests me both symbolically and visually. A pool, like a painting, is a world unto itself, an artificially contained world which given the right light can become a vehicle for reflection. A pool is also a thing of beauty in its color and light, also interesting in its implications of surface vs. depth and fullness vs. emptiness.”

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Tuesday through Saturday, 10 AM to 5:30 PM