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Released: 5/7/2004
Artist ID Not Found: Adam Wolpert
Exhibition: Relationships
•For Immediate Release•


"Relationships: New Paintings"

Jan Baum Gallery is pleased to present its fifth exhibition of Adam Wolpert's inspired and richly gestured paintings, " Relationships: New Paintings”. Atmospheric landscapes are woven together with images of glimmering water, floating prayer bowls and textured abstractions. Dreamlike and haunting, many of these juxtapositions inspire viewers to evolve their own narratives as they journey through the evocative fields of images. Four distinct yet related bodies of work are represented. The intimate “quartets” give us a glimpse of a collection of hundreds of very small-scale images painted over a two-year period. These richly varied paintings reveal the painter’s process of unearthing images from deep within and exploring their relationship to each other through formal juxtaposition. A collection of triptychs employ similar imagery but are arranged sequentially. These works further investigate both poetic and formal relationships. The mid-size paintings of fish circles pulse with movement, either the chaotic pebbling of crosscurrents or the satin shine of creatures darting through clear water. Shimmering pairs of fish in each piece engage in the eternal dance of balance through the currents, which churn below the surface. In the large works, over seven feet in length, ambiguous spaces are inhabited by fish or abstract elements that swirl and transform. As a whole, this show speaks of the dynamic processes that characterize relationships. Paint is crafted into light, gestured brushwork becomes the vibrant glide of creature through water and meaning is created and transformed through juxtaposition.

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Tuesday through Saturday, 10 AM to 5:30 PM