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Released: 5/7/2004
Artist ID Not Found: William Smith
Exhibition: Of the Division of Time
•For Immediate Release•


"Of the Division of Time"

Jan Baum Gallery proudly presents the new paintings of William Smith. There is a sense of sanctuary yet loss and redemption in the brooding melancholy of William Smith’s landscapes. More suggestive than descriptive, poetry more than prose, they incorporate observation and remembrance and are both abstract and representational. William says of his painting: The consistent image in my painting is the landscape, and I use it both as a reference point and a point of departure. My paintings are not of or about actual landscapes; the images are created in my studio from a study of specific references and the genre of landscape. Always key in my work is its sense of scale and its intimacy with the viewer. The highly detailed, multi-layered surfaces of my paintings are meant to be carefully scrutinized, mulled over, and reflected upon. All of the paintings in this exhibition incorporate actual fragments from old books -- diagrams, text, illustrations. The title of the exhibition comes from a chapter title in an 18th century astronomy text whose pages I removed and painted over. These paintings develop a series of tensions based on the pairing of opposites, expressing a duality of purpose and intention. They speak of the tensions found in our relationship with the phenomenal world, with the fluidity of time, as well as tensions in the act of painting itself.

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