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Released: 9/10/2004
Artist: Tino Rodriguez
Exhibition: Strange Flowers Blossom
•For Immediate Release•

Tino Rodriguez

10 September through 23 October 2004

Reception: Friday 10 September 7-9 pm

Exquisite, exotic, erotic are the paintings of Tino Rodriguez. Magnificently painted in renaissance technique, albeit in miniature form, Rodriguez paints the origins of childhood fears and ghosts in resplendent interiors and dark Fragonard-like landscapes. Ambiguous, surreal, the fantasy is both bone chilling and euphoric. The artist says: “This show is an homage to my childhood; a time when there were no limits to the imagination and the impossible was possible. Fairy tales were being told orally, as well as pictorially, ancient Aztec and Mayan tales like, “La Llorona” which my grandmother would tell with exquisite detail to give it a sinister yet beautiful effect (and have us trembling with fear and excitement). Magic was in the air and I would breathe it everyday. Spring, in particular, brought out the intoxicating perfume of flowers and its wonderful array of colors and textures. I would imagine that flowers, as in many Aztec and Mayan legends, would turn into little people and would come out and play with me and I would invent songs for the little people which I called “Hadas”(Fairies) and sing to them. There is a long tradition of the fantastic deeply imbedded in Indigenous Mexican Culture, so my work continues the long tradition of retelling of fantastic tales, only mine are told from a contemporary point of view. Post- modern fairy tales are about the enigma of beauty (a strange paradox), gender, sexuality, role-playing, transformation and world mythology. I have always been fascinated by the irrational. Things coming out of nowhere unexpectedly, like flowers from the mouth, or animals speaking my language or voices in the forest singing the passage of time or “La mano peluda (the hairy hand)” reaching out of the darkness to touch me (blood curling thought). With these paintings I have made the whirling world of my childhood stand still and remind me of where I came from and of the power of the imagination, which saved me many times during my youth.”

Gallery Hours:
Tuesday through Saturday, 10 AM to 5:30 PM