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Released: 11/5/2004
Artist: Zhenya Gershman
Exhibition: Naked
•For Immediate Release•

Zhenya Gershman

5 November through 21 December 2004

Reception: Friday 5 November 7-9 pm

Jan Baum Gallery is very pleased to present the paintings of Zhenya Gershman in her first solo exhibition in this gallery.Figures inspired by the everyday, some with biblical references or not, become Iconic under the power of her brush. Reference to Lucien Freud is frequent, though Zhenya’s paintings are compassionate and positive – Freud’s dark and pessimistic. Zhenya says: I paint a snapshot in paint – the awkward truth of one’s body and its bizarre shapes. The life-size portraits are inspired from observation of live models disrobed. In these paintings I strive for an unposed pose. To be naked, one stands caught in the moment – one does not pose. The term “nude” hides the body behind it. It gives a layer of safety and protection to its carrier. To make art is to stand naked for all to see – shame and pride mixed together. The viewer looks at the painting, but the painting looks back. Who is naked now? Zhenya holds a Master’s of Fine Art degree from Art Center College of Design. In 2000, she received the ALEX award, sponsored by the National Alliance for Excellence, which is awarded only to six artists for their work in the visual arts. She currently holds a full time position in the Education Department at the J. Paul Getty Museum. “Gershman’s effort evokes not only Whistler’s and Sargent’s, but that from which they took inspiration, Manet’s and Velazquez’s – masters of the figure who in their own ways avoided the banal literalities of their contemporaries for a rendition truer to the vagaries of vision, and (thereby) to the dynamics of human presence.” Peter Frank, Art Critic, L.A. Weekly

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