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Released: 1/11/2005
Artist: Martin Lubner
Exhibition: Selected Work 1983-2004
•For Immediate Release•

Martin Lubner

11 January through 26 February 2005

Reception: Friday 14 January 7-9 pm

Jan Baum Gallery is proud to present selected works of Martin Lubner, both a successful artist and inspired teacher. Although his humble nature would leave you to believe that, he has learned equally from his students. Often referred to as a painter’s painter, Lubner produces work rich in sensuous color, texture and emotion. An obvious love, almost an obsession, for the feel of his materials he has a deep connection to the simple world of the senses. Grasping the immediacy of the moment, the strokes are bold, sure, and filled with a beautiful, otherworldly light. The artist says: “ I am magnetized by the banality of objects that surround me: chairs, rope, tables, paint brushes, coins, pencils, eyeglasses, the human figure and its felt presence and its absence – the thing-ness of things, their gravity, their weight and the extension of the space they occupy, their tangibility and tactile nature…the felicity of paint, whether thin or encrusted, whether scraped or blotted, the emotive surprise these physical actions cause…the disconnect between desire and conclusion making images arise out of these action, the result of rejected discoveries (this may account for the feeling in my paintings of the bruising of time). Look carefully for the obscure juxtaposition of the objects in his still life or portraits and you may discover something about the displacement of yourself in life’s landscape.

Gallery Hours:
Tuesday through Saturday, 10 AM to 5:30 PM