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Released: 1/11/2005
Artist: Annette Bird
Exhibition: Romancing The Metaphor
•For Immediate Release•

Annette Bird

11 January through 26 February 2005

Reception: Friday 14 January 7-9 pm

Jan Baum Gallery is very pleased to present the 4th solo exhibition of the work of well-known southern California artist, Annette Bird. These new works are like an abstract tableau made up of divided compartments and occupied by her players. The artist invites each viewer to use their own incite, or appraisal of the varying figures and how they relate, or don’t. The artist says: In her new series, “Romancing the Metaphor”, Annette Bird again invites us to enter the scenes of her small vignettes, but in the new works there has been a progression – from clearly accessible narration and symbolism in her earlier pieces to increasingly hidden, or intuited metaphoric meaning. These sculptures, as in the past, are composed of constructed and carved wood, cast bronze and mixed media components, but rather than consisting of freestanding single or multiple figures, they are wall pieces containing many diverse images. Each one presents the viewer with a puzzle to be solved. All of the works take as their starting point a close connection between two or more people. They are concerned with real or fantasized relationships, some romantic or loving, some very much not, some conflicted, between spouses, parents and children, friends, partners or lovers. How they play out in the interpretation of each single figure, or grouping of images, in the pieces, will vary according to each viewers experience/sensibility. “A metaphor is a verbal or viewed image that functions as a substitute for an object or concept, often hidden or less accessible, that it does not literally denote”.

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Tuesday through Saturday, 10 AM to 5:30 PM