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Released: 3/8/2005
Artist: Kathy Ruttenberg
Exhibition: The Moment Before
•For Immediate Release•

Kathy Ruttenberg

4 March through 30 April 2005

Reception: Friday 4 March 7-9 pm

Not unlike fable, myth or folklore, my work has a tattered history. -Kathy Ruttenberg Jan Baum Gallery is proud to present The Moment Before…, sculptural works by Kathy Ruttenberg. A frozen second, a snapshot in time, a flashing thought and then life shifts bringing unexpected changes. The narratives told by the artist’s sculptures find the figure in a reflective and composed mood, as in the moment before an unforeseen event – perhaps joyous or even a catastrophe! The narrative in each sculpture is enhanced by the presence of an animal in relation to the figure, whether on top of the head (Rat Poison) or lovingly embraced (Hazel & Yellow Fever). With the work, It’s only a matter of time, the flight of the bird insinuates the loss of something that one cannot necessarily hold onto. The woman is not trying to capture the bird, but merely acknowledges its escape. The artist says: “I appreciate the contrast between the consciousness of man and animal in their capacity to anticipate these unexpected twists of fate. In my perception, there is something similar in the painful process of coming to profound realizations and the technical process that the clay must endure; such as being fired at least twice at 2200 degrees F. There is a brutality to this process that the sculpture’s surface reveals, which could be a metaphor for the toll taken by life.”

Gallery Hours:
Tuesday through Saturday, 10 AM to 5:30 PM