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Released: 7/14/2005
Artist ID Not Found: Group Show
Exhibition: Ladies With Figures
•For Immediate Release•

Ladies With Figures

8 July through 20 August 2005

Reception: Friday 8 July 7-9 pm

Jan Baum Gallery is pleased to present a figurative group exhibition, showcasing women artists with female subjects. Each talented artist uses her own distinctive style and medium to convey different themes, revolving around the female form and entity as a whole. Artists have always presented the female form in multiple ways; whether framed by biblical events or today’s contemporary culture, women have always had a place as the artists muse. Through the eyes of women, these traditional roles and presentations are changed, morphed and reinterpreted to fit the viewer of today. The images in this show all contain intense emotion ranging from anxiety, irreverence, flamboyance, confidence to frailty, sadness, confusion and detachment. Some are optimistic, while others warn of the fate of a self-indulgent human nature that is the undercurrent of our contemporary society, all the while, commenting on the woman’s place in her reality. Whether you are a woman or a man, view the images in this exhibition and see if you recognize yourself or someone you know; just a glimpse of their soul or a humorous comment on their disposition, you may leave with a new understanding of women.

Gallery Hours:
Tuesday through Saturday, 10 AM to 5:30 PM