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Released: 3/10/2006
Artist: Tomas Nakada
Exhibition: Skin Deep
•For Immediate Release•

Tomas Nakada

10 March through 29 April 2006

Reception: Friday 10 March 7-9 pm

The Jan Baum Gallery is pleased to present the solo debut in Los Angeles of artist Tomas Nakada. Artist Statement: My paintings are topical abstractions that mix art and science. I pour a layer of wax over the surface of the painting, giving them a translucent skin. This creates a fluid interplay between transparent layers and clotted impasto, like cells floating in body fluids. I am trying to represent the essence of what determines who we are. I use microscopic imagery as symbols to explore basic life questions such as identity, purpose and a search for meaning. The momentum of life is so persistent that I often feel powerless to do anything but to escape to my studio and it is this act of painting itself that defines who I am and gives meaning to my life. Tomas Nakada

Gallery Hours:
Tuesday through Saturday, 10 AM to 5:30 PM