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Released: 5/13/2006
•For Immediate Release•

Virgo Paraiso

13 May through 1 July 2006

Reception: Saturday 13 May 4-7 pm

“In a world that moves so fast and people are too busy to remember their dreams we wanted to create paintings for people to see and inspire in them the desire to dive deep within themselves and explore the meaning in their dreams and what these dreams might represent. "Metamorphosis" is an invitation to dream. Dreams help us slow down so we can contemplate our lives from a wide angle-view where we are able to relax our minds and thus become more in touch with our creativity. Dreams are a vehicle of universal communication among human beings in which we share a collective wellspring of imagination from which ideas and stories come. In dreams nothing is lost, childhood memories, our beloved departed ones, precious objects, all appear with the vividness that our waking mind could not achieve. Henry Miller writes [ It is only when we make ourselves a part of creation that we begin to live...] so therefore dreams might be the beginning of that creation in which we could become fully realized. Our paintings are meditations on the magical world of transformation; a world in which people are born out of flowers and water, and human beings or magical beings are able to communicate with birds, butterflies and the living world that surrounds them. We have created a world in which various myths and stories from various cultures come together to become a new hybrid, a syncretic universe where there are no physical borderlines that separate one culture from another. We have created a world where peace and harmony are possible, even if only in art, but we hope that this is the small beginning of a bigger dream.”

Gallery Hours:
Tuesday through Saturday, 10 AM to 5:30 PM