Gallery News & Events
Released: 7/14/2006
•For Immediate Release•

Dynamic Essence

8 July through 19 August 2006

Reception: Saturday 8 July 4-7 pm

Annette Bird - “Shall We Dance?”- Dancing & Romancing David Eddy - “Nightwatch” - She would care for yours as if it were hers Margaret Gallegos – Heading towards the Exciting Places & People Roberto Gil de Montes – “Boy w/ Carnations” – Mask & flowers enliven the spirit "Katrina”, 2003 – Prophetic? Sylvia Glass – “Nostalgia” {Sculptural book} – A look back at a simpler time Dana Gluckstein – “Haitian Lady w/ Pipe” “Masai Warrior w/ Spear” } – Icons of their culture David Ivie – “Untitled” – An assignation in the wild “Remains” – Too late for psycho Kathryn Jacobi – “Girl w/ Bread” - Pretty Yeasty, more than bread growing here Caroline Maxwell – “Insight” (portrait)– A face from another time Jessica O’Dowd – From a Dark, Gritty World… Lynda Pizzuto – Painterly, Delicate and / or robust Alison Saar – “Sweeping Beauty” – Get a better handle on this one “Emma” – She seems invisible! Betye Saar – “Ship of Dreams” – Dreamin’ day & night “Red Heart” – Beats loud & strong Lezley Saar – “Prague” – How do these lovelies end up here? “My Nature” – I can will it to happen Raymond Saunders – “A Puppet Show” – The conflict continues Gretel Stephens – “Full Circle” – There’s more than geometry here “The Edge” – Of dreams, of life? Daena Title – A fall towards the Metropolis A lady of the “Garden” Darren Waterston – “The Jester” – Playful w/ a copper patina Nancy Worthington – “See No Evil” – When you are blind… “Mickey Mouse & Dubya” – A Disney design for the War Against Terrorism African Art Yoruba Housepost – H/R & M/C icons that denote leadership, Nigeria Urhobo – A chief to preside over his people, Nigeria Pulley-Senufo – Dreams can be woven w/ threads on this pulley, Ivory Coast Mossi Doll – The beginning of training girls towards motherhood, Burkina Fasso Miniature Luba Stool – A small child would use this, rather than a chief, DRCongo Kuba MF – Another tribe, another chief, DRCongo Hemba MF – This chief is imperious, DRCongo Luba Comb – For an exotic hairdo, DRCongo

Gallery Hours:
Tuesday through Saturday, 10 AM to 5:30 PM