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Released: 11/4/2006
Artist: Sylvia Glass
Exhibition: Lost & Found
•For Immediate Release•

Sylvia Glass

4 November through 20 December 2006

Reception: Saturday 4 November 5-8 pm

Jan Baum Gallery is very pleased to present the new sculptural paintings of well-known & admired assemblage artist Sylvia Glass. Sylvia has always had a love for old, interesting items others would simply discard. Making use of these lost objects, she brings new life and meaning to them in a way that would not otherwise occur to the viewer. Painting plays a significant role in the process of the objects metamorphosis. Using more vibrant color than she has in the past & incorporating the physicality of the frame into the piece, Sylvia creates a unified body of assemblage. The value of the objects is now found again & lost things are put together in a new way to give birth to a new object, the art. The artist says: My thoughts are always with creating sculptural paintings, building forms on a surface that will reach out to the viewer & encourage them to see the life & value in found objects. The work evolves as I combine the found pieces and paint, and they direct me to create.

Gallery Hours:
Tuesday through Saturday, 10 AM to 5:30 PM