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Released: 5/12/2007
Artist: Michael Abraham
Exhibition: Arena
•For Immediate Release•

Michael Abraham

12 May through 30 June 2007

Reception: Saturday 12 May 7-9 pm

Social commentary & satire have a long tradition in the history of art. Bosch – whose revelations are striking while his exuberant imagination never fails to exhilarate us. Goya – whose prodding of the royal family is usually noticed outside of the court & even outside of Spain. Closer to our time, the English satirist Hogarth of a “Rakes Progress”, as well as the literary Galsworthy, chide, English society with subtle subterfuge. So into this arena steps Michael Abraham, a native of Canada, who has been living in Vancouver, British Columbia, for 15 years, with a record of 15 years of exhibitions. His paintings are both charming and disarming. With a mischievous grin he wields his imagination on canvas. A warrior for tolerance and understanding – hope and joy, he means what he paints. Michael Abraham says he deals less in social commentary more in psychological realism. He shares his perceptions and incites with a good sprinkle of humor. The slight distortion of the figures percolates to the actions which are mild to manic. Though helplessly terrorized as we confront his images, basically we know he means well, and like Breughel, he points to the indisputable foibles of mankind. Merging the inner and outer experience with creative freedom, he does not send it out like fast food – more important is for the viewer to relate to the work in their unique and individual way and in their own time. If he can illuminate the dark corridors of our journey, he is requited and we are the beneficiaries. And finally he tells us “My art is my sorrow, my hope, my prayer and my joy.”

Gallery Hours:
Tuesday through Saturday, 10 AM to 5:30 PM