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Released: 7/14/2007
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Exhibition: Figures & Forces
•For Immediate Release•

Figures & Forces

14 July through 18 August 2007

Reception: Saturday 14 July 7-9 pm

Figures, figures everywhere – omnipresent in our culture – classical, pop, traditional & avant guard. Forces from within – passion, fear, desire, ambition – redefine the figures unique form. Among the notable seen & unseen figurative artists: Joao Machado – hails from Brazil. His quotidian figures come to life thru the collage of selected maps. Michael Abraham – native of Vancouver, whom we introduced at the last opening, is our own contemporary Peter Breughel; in commentary & mastery of painting. Melora Walters – with her heartbreakingly beautiful & powerful horses, whose innocence is combined with nobility & majesty. Zhenya Gershman – presents a rich array of regal, noble & impressive leaders. Christine Brennan – “My work features a host of symbolic and allegorical references. Images drawn from the unconscious leading the viewer into richly lit narratives that evoke personal stories and associations.” Mark Jager – “I am moved by the fact of things, the plain existence of people and objects, and of the struggle to stand alone in this world where nothing is known and everything is always being told.” Finally we have another opportunity to view those ravishing, sensuous figures of Takako Yamaguchi, like a Renaissance masterwork that it is often compared to.

Gallery Hours:
Tuesday through Saturday, 10 AM to 5:30 PM