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Released: 9/5/2007
Artist: Adam Wolpert
Exhibition: New Paintings
•For Immediate Release•

New Paintings

8 September through 27 October 2007

Reception: Saturday 8 September 5-8 pm

Well respected painter, professor, arts director, Adam Wolpert, tells us why his paintings are the way they are and why they look the way they do. “Drawing on 20 years of painting directly from nature in creating this new body of work, I have traded control for collaboration, the known for the unknown and clarity for ambiguity. The work employs a visual vocabulary gleaned from the study of nature, her various patterns and textures: lichen on a stone or a carpet of dry leaves, swirling currents of fire or water, the convulsions of storm clouds. In the studio, I have embraced a process that invites in chance and improvisation. Each painting is an adventure, a journey of discovery and transformation. As I work in the terrain between abstraction and representation, ambiguous images emerge and then recede into the paint. Using brush, palette knife, hands and fingers, classical technique encounters finger painting as I push deeper into the process and become more sensitive to the medium and its many voices. Atmospheric landscapes give way to shadowy figures that can, in turn, dissolve into abstract patterns of energy each informing the other. In this way, a dance of creation and destruction accompanies the genesis of each work. Elements are lost and found again or unearthed when thick paint is scraped away. This body of work is characterized by a wide diversity of scale, paint handling and tone. I work both in large (4'x5') and small format and the images oscillate, one moment appearing vast and distant and the next, intimate. Most of the pieces are assembled into diptychs and triptychs, which enable new and intriguing relationships to emerge.”

Gallery Hours:
Tuesday through Saturday, 10 AM to 5:30 PM