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Released: 2/22/2000
Artist: Adam Wolpert

Adam Wolpert

Silent Circles

New Paintings: Explorations in Depths & Shallows

4 March through 22 April 2000

Artist Reception: Saturday 4 March, 3-5PM

Jan Baum Gallery is pleased to present the fourth exhibition of Adam Wolpert’s inspired and richly gestured paintings, “Silent Circles” Explorations in Depths & Shallows.

Silent circles is an exhibition of new paintings on linen and paper which charts one painters journey through the varied depths and shallows of paint, color and meaning. The vehicle is the simple and ancient motif of one or two fish and a circle.

The paintings explore a wide variety of colors and textures, movements and gestures, giving the viewer a chance to listen to the medium’s many voices. The distorted abstraction of disturbed water, the silky clarity of the depths, the dappled light on a riverbed’s rocks, and the haunting expansiveness of dark waters inspire a diversity of moods and effects. These literal visions provide a starting point for these works that give evidence of the painters process of search and discovery.

Within these simple elements lie not only infinite design possibilities, but also deeper meanings for cycles, relationships and balance. The fish, an image revered in many cultures throughout world history and assigned many meanings, holds a profound place in our collective memory. The water is a rich source of poetic and symbolic meaning as well. These paintings invite the viewer to navigate these landscapes of paint and water to find the metaphors in the clear shallows and murky depths.

Gallery Hours:
Tuesday through Saturday, 10 AM to 5:30 PM