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Released: 4/21/2000

Sassy Sexy Sweet Sordid SURREAL

13 May through 24 June 2000

Artists reception Saturday 13 May, 3-5PM

Jan Baum proudly presents an array of highly talented artists in an invitational group exhibition dealing with some aspects of the surreal --the quixotic, the irrational, the dreamy, the provocative – the shadows, the sordid…

¨ Lynn Criswell uses English children’s rhymes as commentary on “Forbidden Games”.

¨ Roberto Gil de Montes juztaposes images to create new felt emotional tones as in classical surrealism.

¨ David Ivie’s landscapes and figures seem scripted by Hitchcock.

¨ Sidney Lawrence places his Polish Pieta in the beautiful townsquare of Krakow overlooking the murder machines of nearby Auschwitz.

¨ Alejandro Mazon brings some of the myths from his Cuban culture into a richly surrealist mode.

¨ We love the architecture, the people, the creatures in Siobhan McClure’s world – if only it were real.

¨ Jim Morphesis’ bleeding hearts were never more sumptuous, painterly, erotic and scary.

¨ Martin Mull’s fragmentary images of “white bread” suburbia have a dark side as unsettling as it is unexpected.

¨ Tino Rodriguez, well remembered for his exquisite figures and dreamscapes, treats us to a new realm of emotionally charged figures in a surreal landscape.

¨ Lezley Saar’s figures are potent and portentious, asking us to regard the past, distilling meaning from the damaged and distressed.

¨ Maura Vazakas leads us through a rebus of colliding images to offer new/old world adages.

¨ Images from disparate sources complement and contradict each other in the seductive paintings of Miriam Wosk.

¨ Exquisite images in seductive settings are irresistible in the world of Jasmin Tabesch.

¨ A lonely house floating in the sea is Deborah Davidson’s contribution.

¨ Swans, birds, pictures are adrift in Denise Satter’s Venice, which has unlikely spectators, too.

¨ Peter Zokowsky’s primate portraits in bronze are edging into our comfort zone.

Gallery Hours:
Tuesday through Saturday, 10 AM to 5:30 PM