Gallery News & Events
Released: 9/19/2000
Artist: Lezley Saar

Jan Baum proudly presents the mixed media paintings of:


“Paradox of the Unexpected Hanging”

22 September through 28 October 2000

In concurrence with her exhibition:

“Africans, Rap Thugs-n-Dimes” at The Contemporary Arts Center in Cincinnati, Ohio

Reception for the Artist

Friday, September 22, 7–10PM

“Paradox of the Unexpected Hanging” is a series of mixed media paintings, constructions and an installation – all questioning the notion of truth. The work is personal and autobiographical dealing with racial, sexual, emotional, aesthetic and cerebral issues. The portraits are part of an ongoing exploration of historic human anomalies, outcasts, misfits and half-breeds. An elastic man, African Albino, young bearded girl and lovely conjoined twins all question the notion of normality and beauty. The use of such found objects as swap-meet paintings, books, fabric scraps, photographs and junk accentuate the ostracized reality of Saar’s marginalized subjects.

“Autistic Antics” is an installation revealing the shenanigans of Saar’s eight-year-old autistic daughter with forensic evidence serving as windows to the autistic mind.

The show is running concurrently with Saar’s “African’s, Rap Thugs-n’-Dimes” at the Contemporary Art Center in Cincinnati, Ohio.

Gallery Hours:
Tuesday through Saturday, 10 AM to 5:30 PM